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If you are thinking about travelling somewhere, this article about my hometown might give you ideas. Anyway, it would be great to welcome all of you to my beloved home.
To continue with part 1, we will discover Nha Trang as a city of "splendid food"
A captivating mix of culture, people and history blended together. Book your Vietnam Tours today!
This one is about my time in Saigon in Vietnam and the time I had there on the river and around the city.
A visit to the Amazing caves in Ha Long bay, Vietnam
Da Nang, is 3 rd biggest port city in Vietnam, recently a new bridge was open for public the bridge consists of 666 meters long and 37.5 metres width, 6 lanes for traffic and 2 lanes for pedestrians. The bridge was equipped with modern lighting system.
You know that the communist leader of Vietnam gave the Russian cosmonaut, a whole island? In England this is Soho, in Germany – St.Pauli, Thailand - Bangkok, Vietnam - Vung Tau - it’s about vice, sin, "the month of love," "Saigon Rose" an women. Recipes Vietnamese cuisine and unus...
When you visit a country that does not use English as its first language, you may meet a difficulty in communicating with people. Vietnam is that kind of country. The Vietnamese people are friendly, but they cannot speak English well. This article will help you to communicate with the...
Something about the geographical features of Vietnam
Not just attracts tourists thanks to the wonderful beaches, Nha Trang is also known for dishes that captivate diners.
Eating a bowl of hot noodles, sipping iced coffee sidewalk, discussing a few words about the weather and walking around the bookstore looking to buy a music concert ... All these activities are closely in Saigon. Just spend a day to stay in Saigon, draw on the suggestions below, you w...
Far away 300km from Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat is always a great destination for those who love the old space, cool blue. A romantic summer in Dalat with family is always appropriate choice for off-color sublimation life and full of memories.
With pristine islands, romantic beach, Con Dao became one of the most ideal destination for tourists. Located in the southeast coast of Vietnam, Con Dao is an archipelago with a total area of ​​72 km2 with 16 small islands composed. This is one of the most beautiful islands of Asi...
Thien Mu Pagoda, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc in Vietnam ... is the destination of international tourists favorite follow Touropia Ranked page.
In Ha Long, tourists can experience more exciting activities like watching wonders right outside the window, visit Cua Van, participate kayak, enjoy the meal Europe - Asia brings international standards.
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