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Planning A Trip To Ghana but don't know what to do?These tips and ideas will help you plan your trip to Accra Ghana
This is a short piece on how best to keep safe when you travel to Ghana.
Did you know that travel can impact lives? Today, many people see vacation as an opportunity to touch lives and you can also touch a life when you travel to Ghana West Africa to volunteer.
There are lots of lies many people have told about Ghana; and this piece seeks to clear the air and provide ways travelers to Ghana can see the country in a positive light. As you read, you will get to know about them.
Travelling to Ghana can be very irritating because you are going to meet people who might not think they way you do. That might be very irritating if you are not really accomodating. Hence, their actions might make your trip not worth it. Thankfully, these ideas can help you remain co...
Most people visit countries like Ghana but they often take the culture for granted. That's why this piece has been written to help you understand and properly observe a very significant aspect of our culture: greetings.
The slave trade started from Africa and the slaves were kept herded in forts like the one on the west coast of Africa .
The Ashanti or Asante people are Akan people who speak Twi and occupy the Ashanti Region of the present Ghana. The Ashanti people settled in the central part of present-day Ghana, about three hundred kilometers from the Atlantic coast.
Dr. Christie Leigh is a young doctor who has visited Ghana several times to one particular village on the Volta River. This village can only be reached by traveling on the river. The living conditions at the village are very primative. The experience of Dr. Leigh with the young...
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