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Hi everyone! Today, I would like to bring you a very interesting experience I had in Africa. This is the summary of the most interesting parts. Enjoy
Mombasa (my hometown) is doing badly.Tourism is down and most people have been retrenched.
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This December Holiday, what are you doing? if you don't have any plans for the holiday, Welcome to Kenya
Ultimate tourism experience in one of Kenya's topmost national park, endowed with diverse attractions and activities.
The Maasai tribe in Kenya is one of the few tribes in Africa that have managed to preserve their culture, traditions and history even with the influence of Western cultures. Some tourist just go to Kenya to have a one on one experience with this rich culture.
Let’s say I made a wrong turn because that’s what I did. It reminded me of the movie Wrong Turn.
if you are looking for a place to spend your holiday come next summer,look no further, Nairobi national park is the place to visit if you have not been there. i have written a brief description of what the park has to offer and believe if,you will be delighted.
Maasai Mara National Reserve is located in the Narok County, southwestern Kenya. Its magical wildlife and the cultural custom and dress of the Maasai people makes it irresistible destination to visit.The incredible Great Migration of millions of wildebeests and thousands of Thousands...
Tour Maasai Mara National reserve and experience the most wonderful sites.
The page summarizes the best Kenyan National parks which attracts tourists all over the world.
first the airport was packed with tourists and taxis all over the parking lot,police and some translators for us..
Kenya has a lot to offer more than just great long distance runners. A Safari to Kenya will provide one unforgettable and rewarding experience of a life time. It provides a great opportunity to enjoy the unique and wonderful attractions sites like Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Africa’s highe...
Exploring the city, from the historical buildings to the beaches while enjoying the nature trail!
Having recently returned to Mombasa the experience has caused me to reflect on some of the past times that I visited the city and had time to relax and enjoy. Mombasa is known for its white sand beaches.
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