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This is a short piece on enjoying the beauty of San Juan, Puerto Rico
A look at Puerto Rico's Culture, Old San Juan, American influence, Spaniard Influence, and its amazing rainforest.
this is an article about a Puerto Rican sports bar so famous, people from United States talks about how much fun have in the Bullpen Sport bar, localized in San German, Puerto Rico.
The mountainous “Land of Enchantment”, Puerto Rico hosts thousands of miles of beautiful beaches, an innumerable variety of aquatic, wild, and plant life, and lush tropical rainforest. Whether you like to hike, kayak, swim, bike, or study wildlife, many opportunities welcome you....
The first thing to do, contact a good travel agent who is a member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). If you do not want to pay the expense of an agent; contact the Puerto Rico Tourism Company for the most accurate and current information about; for example, import res...
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