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Tips with the TOP 5 Best Cities to Visit in Spain. YOu will love!
A vacation in Spain is an ideal way for families and individuals to enjoy rest and relaxation, while at the same time experiencing the adventure and excitement  offered by this intriguing country. Ideally located on the Iberian Peninsula's northeastern coast, Catalonia is a celebrate...
Spain is an enchanting country that offers vacationers a wealth of activities and attractions to enjoy while on vacation. From sightseeing in the north, where the country's famous snow-capped mountains are found, to the endless golden sandy beaches located in the southern area of the ...
Festivals are held throughout the year in many of Spain's enchanting cities. Celebrations have been embraced by Spanish culture for thousands of years, making the country somewhat of an expert regarding such events. The winter season is a truly wonderful time to experience one of Spai...
If anyone thought that Spain is only sun, sea and a badly made paella that has passed by a good one, then, I'm sorry to say one's been misled by a badly planned tourist industry.
For those who might be interested in an urban break away in Central Spain.
Explaining to an outsider why the streets of Madrid are so filthy and full of litter everywhere.
Anyone traveling through Madrid's main Atocha railway station in the last twenty years will remember the beautiful, tropical garden in the station's main concourse.
The wonder of Atocha drags up painful memories for the Irish as well as the Spanish.
A good guide to the varied sights to be seen in Madrid, Spain and around the countryside, focusing on trees, ruins, bridges,artwork--the ten best sights to see.
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