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Here is an account of my few days in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the Summer of 2009.
Oh the Places You Can Go! Here is an account of a cross-country journey beginning in Minnesota, USA.
For a quite serene lake to relax and have privacy Big Ole Lake is your utopia.
St. Paul is an unique city and it is part of the Twin Cites with Minneapolis. Some of the attractions that can be found in St. Paul can be endless. This article will highlight some of things that St. Paul has to offer for everyone.
Minneapolis is an awesome place to go and travel to. The key to Minneapolis is that it is a City by Nature. The city is a juxtaposition of the natural world of our 22 lakes, the Mississippi River, 180 parks and beautiful trails and natural surroundings and the vibrant, urban center wi...
If you are looking to travel in the United States, give Minneapolis/ St. Paul area a try. They have some of the great places to see and try. This article will give some of the great places that they have.
Minnesota is a great place to travel. From their many lakes to shopping to sports. Minnesota has lots to offer. I hope that you have a chance to experience the great state of Minnesota.
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