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Cyprus is a well-loved area for shopping. Bustling markets and centers abound, as well as arts and craft shops featuring a vast array of locally produced items.
There’re many places in Cyprus you should visit like Cedar Valley, Choirokitia, Lefkara and others. Names may sound strange but you’ll never know the wonders of the place unless you visit them. Till then, enjoy knowing the history and three most visited spots of the island.
Cyprus may not seem overly exotic to a European but to us Americans it’s part of a faraway continent that most of us can only dream of visiting. If however your luck is in and a trip to Cyprus is within your reach, go off the beaten track and experience this Mediterranean delight at...
It was a poster of the ruins of Salamis at a stand at the tourism fair in Nuremberg in the late 1990’s that first inspired me to travel to Northern Cyprus. At this time my knowledge about the Turkish part of this beautiful island was shamefully little. I’d known that the island wa...
Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love. This is the history of Aphrodite and where she was born.
A traditional village in Cyprus. Learn about the history and the type of weaving that is taken place here.
If visiting Cyprus, then why not visit Nicosia's shopping mall.
Here is a summary of my first trip to Cyprus many years ago.
Read about a monastery that can be visited in Cyprus, whilst on holiday there.
Learn where you can buy property in Cyprus and what you can get if wanting a holiday home.
All about the Cypriot traditional drink called Zivania.
Larnaca, Cyprus is home to one of the best wreck diving sites in the world, and here is a guide to exploring this fascinating underwater attraction.
Of the views of ordinary people is the view of society. A story about Cyprus author begins a series of stories about the countries and continents, in which he had visited. Feelings simple traveler who does not have ethnographic knowledge, the same can be useful, especially if the auth...
The capital city of Aphrodite's island, a walk in it will travel you in the past.
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