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Have you planned your vacation yet? How about visiting New Zealand’s Thermal Wonderland? Here are some of the amazing natural wonders you will find there.
This is an experience I had in a jewel of a destination, tucked away deep in the forests of New Zealand
While New Zealand as a whole has much to offer. South new Zealand has a different story to tell. South New Zealand is a laid back Island with grazing prairies skirting the roads, with hillocks further beyond... read more
A wide variety of information about the Oceanic country, New Zealand. It spans through the educational sector, lifestyle, economy and more
New Zealand is one of the best tourist destination in Pacific Ocean, that caters to a variety of travellers from all over the world
Hi there, I'm Brenda from Canada "eh". This one's aboot accents.
Queen Charlotte Track, in the Marlborough Sounds, should be a must for all tourists visiting the South Island New Zealand. It offers both guided and unguided walks, a touch of history and some of New Zealand's most spectacular views.
Another attraction in New Zealand. If you prefer to explore kinda feeling, mark it down as a must-see destination.
Brief summary of a small central north island town
We arrive in New Zealand again - rather earlier than usual!
Mt Tarawera was a fascinating place before it erupted in 1886. Pink and white terraces of crystalised silica attracted thousands of tourists.
Discovery the geography, economy, wildlife and society of New Zealand.
Looking for something to fill in a couple of hours in Dunedin, New Zealand, I was lucky enough to find the Dunedin Literary Walk. I couldn't have been happier with my experience.
The viewing platform at the Roaring Meg hydro scheme on the Kawarau River, Central Otago, New Zealand, is a popular stopping place for tourists.
An autumn or fall holiday in Central Otago, New Zealand, is a must if you're in New Zealand in April. Apart from offering a diverse range of tourist activities, the autumn beauty at this time of year reflects its gold mining history of the past.
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