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Istana Merdeka is the symbol of Indonesian Country. Just like white house if in United State of America
The biggest Hindu cultural heritage in Indonesia. The second biggest temple in indonesia that almost have 1000 temple
The history of Borobudur, biggest Buddhist temple in Indonesia.
Jakarta is the biggest city in Indonesia because Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. When you arrive in Jakarta When you go abroad, one question that may arise in your mind is about the public transportation that you can use from one place to another place during your trip in Ja...
According to historical data, one of the first propagator of Islam in Java was in fact a woman, Village District Leran Manyar roadside Daendeles (the north coast of Java) 7 km from the northwest town of Gresik Aloon and sisters, is the north coast of Java Island the first place bermuk...
Gambyong looks so beautiful, the dancer's name to the famous Surakarta Kesunanan environment. At the request of the sixth Pakubuwono Sinuhun, Gambyong when it's been performing in Surakarta Kesunanan environment. Since then, the dance was performed by Gambyong known as Tari Gambyong.
In 2011 we may have been introduced with the new seven wonders of the world. Indonesia have one includes of them, it is the Komodo island. But do you remember that Indonesia has another one before. Yes, Borobudur temple had. I hope you guys not forget it, so I want to review it here.
story of balinesee in indonesia, BARONG DANCE - BALI IS ONE OF THE FAMOUS DANCE IN BALI
Indonesia is a large country. We have 33 provinces and almost 500 cities. So Explore INDONESIA!!!!
There are many tourist destinations in Indonesia, not just Bali
Sacred atmosphere surrounding the hall. When the nine dancers entered the hall, the atmosphere feels more powerful mystical. Every movement of the dancers depict the softness and the majesty of Javanese women ..
Priangan, West Java. Known for its natural beauty, is said Priangan created, when God was smiling. Besides its natural beauty, Priangan also has an incredible art, Tari Merak (Peacock Dance)
Roro Jonggrang refused Bondowoso proposing marriage to be his wife, then by anger he cursed Roro Bondowoso Jonggrang into stone ...
Gamelan sounds, graceful dancers, accompanied by the dim light, but it adds to the atmosphere full of beauty mystic
This is about the beautiful Beach in Indonesia which has many interesting things.
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