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Indian Railways have made an announcement that the trains may soon get real-time GPS tracking system to avoid accidents. According to the sources, the real time GPS tracking system will be integrated with Google Maps and will be accessible through range of mobile devices & computers
India is a vast country . It is in fact a subcontinent itself. The vast country consists of all types of geographical entities like deserts, Big lofty mountains( snow clad-THE GREAT HIMALAYAS ) , tropical forests, plains and plateaus, coastal forests etc etc.( ONLY COUNTR...
The article speaks about the beautiful Air India flight journey from Nagpur to Mumbai. It takes 1 hour 15 minutes and the travellers are entertained in the flight.
Mumbai is one of the most dazzling cities of the world. Every year, thousands of tourists from around the world come to visit this city. It has a lot of tourist hot spots and scenic holiday destinations. It is never a dull time in and around the city of Mumbai.
(Part 2) Quit our jobs, sold everything, began travelling east and keep travelling east!
The Matheran light rail is close to Mumbai and is recognized as a world heritage rail link. Its a pleasure to travel on it.
The article speaks about the brilliant services of Jet Connect flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru.
In case your are Tourist planning to visit Mumbai, India, then you must definitely read this article and I recommend you to do all of the incredible things listed in this article to enjoy the city.
Mumbai welcomes the people ,those who wish to come to Mumbai for employment, they will find suitable job according to their ability, so it become megacity
If you are a food lover, then this article is dedicated to you. This article would list down the delicious street food available in India. So next time, when you visit India, you must definitely try some of them! Yummy....
India has always been a popular tourist destination. This article would be most useful to those Tourists who have very less time in hand. Yes, you are right, this article lets you know the most popular places to visit in Mumbai, given that you have only 2 days in hand to visit this ...
Mumbai has a lovely side as well and one has to travel all around the city to savor it
This article covers the basic problem of over population in india.
I've always thought that travelling is best done the hard way - my opinion has still not changed.
A monorail is an elevated electric bus that runs on a single beam. The vehicle (or the electric bus) runs on the track, can be a wheeled-vehicle or a magnetically levitating (maglev) vehicle. Engineering major Larsen & Toubro and Malaysia's Scomi Group are expected to commission the f...
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