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Traveling Nepal and India can make you better understand the history of Lord Buddha and the religion he formed the Buddhism and have the sight on the beautiful well architecture d modern temples with the religious and cultural values and meanings.
Dolakha District is situated in Janakpur zone. It is very important place, culturally and naturally. The place is 134 km east from Kathmandu.
Traveling in Nepal gives you the chance to explore the beauty of nature. The Himalayas, glaciers, mountains, lakes and of course much more. You can also take a look at the ancient architectural art around the capital city of Kathmandu. Lalitpur and Bhaktapur are also the ancient citie...
I dig my walking poles in for each skittish jerk forward, my eyes searching the trail for bits of gravel for my boots to cling to.
With sweeping political changes, Nepal is accessible again. You will now be able do the tough, high-altitude Annapurna Circuit trek without a US$20 Maoist receipt.
Bag-lung is a trading town with quaint streets and traditional buildings.
Trekking In Nepal to many sounds like one of those activities that one finds on a dream board or an activity that sounds so foreign that it belongs in some obscure National Geographic program about a far away place.
Someone asked why I keep linking to Thomson holidays and whether I was doing some kind of promotion or marketing for the company. The answer is: no. The reason is more mundane - Thomson’s website is very well done, presents information easily and simply, there are plenty of images ...
it gives you surface information about nepal. the public revolution and its independence.. government and geographical overviews
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