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Janakpur is an ancient town in southern Nepal. Inspired by native Mithila culture, the city of Janakpur boasts places of religious places including the Janaki Mandir, Biwahamandap and lots of sacred ponds.
'Round the World Part 3. The Himalayas get their own "Part". We did the Annapurna circuit and it was AMAZING. Wow. Can't wait to go back to Nepal!
Its about the Fewalake and temple that resides in the middle of sea, as if like something is in the Island.I would recommend you to travel there at least once.
Pokhara is the most beautiful city of the Nepal as well as whole Asia. millions of people travels pokhara from several parts of the world.
Nepal is one of the beautiful country of the world. Though it is a developing country and financially poor country it is rich in natural sources and cities in here are beautiful to. Among all the cities of the Nepal Lalitpur is one of the beautiful city.
Pokhara is the one of the famous city of nepal. We can get alot of enjoyment nature here. most of the visitors are effecting by that city. for visiting that city you can get also guide facilities.
Travel in Nepal, Nepal is a dreamland place and very beautiful country many people are traveling in here.
In Nepal everyone knows that where the Ratna-Park is.To know Dakshainkali everybody have to know where Ratna-park is located.Ratna-park is located in the middle part of the Kathmandu City nearby Thamel,Sundhara,Ghantaghar.There is one old Bus-park.From the Bus-park there goes one bus ...
An adrenaline rush - Nepali style! A guide to the exhilarating possibilities, breathtaking beauty and outstanding value of Nepal's leading adventure resort.
All people don't know what Nepal is? If you come in Nepal you don't forget to visit kathmandu, pokhara, chitwan other part of Nepal also.
The experience of the educational tour is the mail theme of this text. I want to share it to the world.
One of the best destination of Nepal welcome you on every moment.......!
The text contains an attractions and historical contents of Lumbini (the birthplace of Lord Buddha)
There are many beautiful countries in this vast world. Nepal is one of them. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, which is also known as the 'City of Temples'. Tourist from different countries loves to visit Nepal in order to learn and know many things about Nepal.
The heart of Kathmandu this ancient square crowded with palaces and temples, including the current incarnation of the Kathmandu or "Wooden house" that gives the city its name.
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