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Precautions you must consider when you are visiting India. It may involve your life.
Are you in interested to learn about water safety? Had any of your friends ever been drowned before?
Sakyamuni meditated on this Peak 2600 years ago. Would you like to visit it?
Jharkhand is a state in India, it is eco friendly state for tourists, tourists can explore several places in Jharkhand with national park, thinck forests.
Nalanda is famous for ancient Nalanda University. Nalanda is a district of state Bihar in India. This place has a glorious history. Scholars from different part of the world came here study. Nalanda University was one of the most famous ancient universities .
Bodhgaya : a most important pilgrimage site for Buddhists . Enlightenment place of Lord Buddha. Bodhi tree is located in the campus of Mahabodhi temple under which Lord Buddha used to sit. He spent many years of his life at this place under Bodhi tree.
A village in Purnia district of Bihar is having named after the memory of Muslim residents ,those who evacuated that place due to Independence to India in 1947
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