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The article speaks about the beautiful beaches of Digha. It is a romantic destination of the side of Bay of Bengal and in West Bengal.
The article speaks about the brilliant ambience of Hotel Dolphin Sea Gull in Digha which is a very attractive destination of many tourists.
While the natural destinations of Digha, Shankarpur attract visitors, the Science Centre offers beautiful shows and places to see for the visitors.
The article speaks about excellent sunset at Udaynarayanpur Beach near Mandarmani at West Bengal Orissa border. Visitors enjoy the beach.
Mandarmani had become greater tourist destination than Digha. The article speaks about beautiful swimming pool in hotel Sonar Bangla in Mandarmani.
The article speaks about the beautiful red crabs in the land of Mandarmani. They are seen at the mohna of the sea beach.
Kolkata offers a mixed mix of authentic, social, and otherworldly attractions. Tourism in Kolkata is on its blast nowadays. There are bunches of spots to see in Kolkata. In this area, we will give you Kolkata vacation destinations guide. There is a plenty of touring places in Kolkata....
Lataguri in North Bengal is a famous place for its being a gateway to the famous forests like Gorumara and Champabari. Visit this small village and enjoy the wild lifestyle of jungle inhabitants.
The article speaks about the beautiful airline journey in Spice Jet flight from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport in Kolkata to Kamraj Airport in Chennai. The journey is for 2 hours 15 minutes and is very enjoyable.
There are many monuments to British rule, but a small obscure cemetery at Calcutta is a place worth visiting.
The article speaks about the piousness and holi spirit of Lakshmipuja that is performed by Hindu during Diwali.
The article speaks about the significance of 14 diyas and 14 sakh with which the the festival of deepavali begins.
It is a thrilling experience to gather when one visits ayodhya hills .When one sees the hills from a distant place,it looks like a small hill.When one goes near it,it is really large.The ayodhya hills are a part of dalma range which spreads over three states ,namely West bengal, Jh...
The article speaks about beautiful Rajdhani Express journey from Kolkata to New Delhi. The services are excellent.
The article speaks about the comfort and charm of the journey in Shatabdi Express from Malda to Howrah in the state of West Bengal.
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