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Many say that when you step foot on Zakynthos island, you never want to go back. The island belongs to the Ionian group of islands and it’s the third largest one.
Lately, many say that Athens and Greece are not a safe destination for tourists. The reality couldn't be further from the truth...
Those who are staying in a villa in Corfu for their Greek holiday will be well pleased with the enjoyable nightlife offered by this lovely area of Greece. Each Corfu beach boasts its own taverna or club, and a bar can be found to suit almost any taste or budget. Those holidaying in G...
Life in Zakynthos, holidays in GREECE. What is more attractive in Zakynthos
The sea town of Mpenitses is a beautiful little town located in the eastern side of Corfu. Its population has overgrown over the last years and its beauty has people coming more and more every year, it's a wonderful town with many venetian villas and structures left from the venetian ...
1971. The Air Force. The Greek Island of Crete. A Greek Taverna called POPS, where everybody knew my name. I saw her in the door. She was short, a light brown skin with raven hair. She was walking toward me. This is not good for my buzz. Love was about to happen unannounced.
A place of myths, gods, ancient buildings and rich culture, a place in which some of the world’s most famous philosophers, mathematicians and poets were born and a place in which democracy, one of our top ideals today was born. Yup, there are many ways to describe Greece as well as ...
Athens is a beautiful place that was once a metropolis which was home to many greek giants.
The islands of Greece are a traveller’s dream. Scattered across the warm, azure waters of the Mediterranean, these islands seem to have been forgotten by time.
Few days we spent at Easter time in the Greek island of Agistri. I talk about the hotel where we stayed (Oasis Scala Beach), the people we met there and the sporting activities we carried out.
On holiday in Greece with a boyfriend. My first holiday abroad with a romantic partner. It was a wonderful trip.
Athens is a historical city and the capital of Greece. It had held the first modern Olympics in the year 1896.
hi traveller's looking for a romantic holiday destination, a romantic trip away have a look at Sissi, in Crete
Advice for young people before they go on their clubbing holiday- by someone who's been there!
The views were wonderful on the way to Delphi... cannot be explained in words. Today, Delphi has nothing but left with its ruins though there things to see then.
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