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Komodo is an adventurer's paradise and one of the most highly sought after locations for travelers. In this article, I talk about my Indonesian vacation and highlight some of Komodo's hidden wonders.
Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world that stands like a giant puzzle. Composed of 2 million blocks of volcanic stone, sculpted in such a way so as to interlock with each other. Borobudur temple-like building the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt Gizeh, the difference, Borobu...
Melting glaciers, comes Love in Papua Indonesia, so wonderful lake
Bali is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, which belongs to the Republic of Indonesia. The latter is comprised of approximately thirteen thousand different islands. Bali is a popular Indonesian tourist destination, and throughout the yeas, the area has grown and developed to incl...
This is some of my Asian travels, in particular my visit to Indonesia's capital Jakarta and its museum hub - Kota Tua
Gain some knowledge about some romantic hotels that are really special and at very low prices. Learn about some bargains in Medan, Indonesia.
It is not surprising that in an archipelagic country with 17,508 islands and 90 percent of its territorial area being sea, seafood meals are so popular. Just how popular is seafood in Indonesia? To give you a clue, not including the almost countless number of food stalls and roadside ...
Largest Sleeping Buddha Statue to The 3rd World is in Indonesia
This is about a few months in Bali sightseeing and enjoying living there.
It was 18 years ago when Cokelat Monggo was first produced in Yogyakarta by a Belgian named Thierry Detournay. Today, the chocolate, originally named Kulit Cokelat, has become one of the most popular snack gifts from Yogyakarta.
Waters of Paradise Bay is the largest marine conservation area in Indonesia as well as a research center of the whale shark or whale shark (Rhincodon typus) in the world with the cooperation between the government, private sector, communities, universities and NGOs at home and abroad....
At Tanah Lot Temple, there is a fresh water spring can be seen when the sea water was receding. The presence of spring has become one of considerations when Tanah lot was chosen as the location of Temple. This temple building is set on the main temple area of Tanah Lot Temple. T...
Barelang bridge located in Batam Island, Kep. Riau. The bridge is located approximately 20km from downtown Batam. What is unique is the name of the bridge Tema Tema who apparently taken from the stands Batam, Rempang and Galang.
Indonesia has a lot of traditional houses because Indonesia has a lot of tribe. One of Traditional house is Rumah Gadang from Minangkabau.
Korowai tribals living in Papua of Indonesia is making tree houses above 8 to 12 metres above the ground on trees.
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