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Alaska is located at North America's northern tip and Canada separates it from the rest of the United States. Many people are surprised when they discover that less than one percent of the state is inhibited by humans, yet it boasts 375 million acres of land, making it twice as big as...
Our cruise to Alaska we took last summer. It was a very fun trip and I hope we U could go back soon.
A voyage of a lifetime up the west coast of the United States into the inside passage of Alaska.
The different images and colors of the mountains of Alaska. The mountains often change colors and moods throughout the day. I tried to capture the changes in this story.
This will be an article on some places to go and enjoy the outdoors close to Anchorage, Alaska.
Alaska has a lot to offer to visitors who are looking for adventure, job opportunities and dating.
This is a short, three-page review of John Krakauer's novelette, 'Into the Wild', a non-fictional tale about the courage and mystery surrounding Chris McCandless' and his subsequent adventure in Alaska.
So, it's time to pick a destination. Where you will be going this year? What? You do not have an idea, alright I understand it's your first vacation. OK, in this write up, I will give you a description on some of the best winter vacation sports in US.
This is an article about where the best places are to view the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).
Skagway is the historical town in Alaska created by the gold rush to the Klondike. It has many tourist attractions and walking tours. This town is small and ideal for walking. Here are some sightseeing highlights.
Are you a newly wedded couple? Searching for ideal romantic destination? Then visit Juneau in Alaska which is ideal for you with lots of romantic events as well as adventurous activities such as ice and rock climbing, skiing etc.
Are you fond of adventures? Then visit Ketchikan the rainiest town in Alaska which gives immense pleasure for a tourist lover and adventurist.
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