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How to get the best airline tickets possible compared to the price actual paid. Here could be some tips which you havent considered before...
Traveling by plane for a few hours can make you suffer from jet lag. You feel tired, low and lethargic from having trouble adjusting to time zone changes that your body is not used to. Here’s what you can do to recover from jet lag.
When I booked my flights from London to Washington this year, I was amazed at the price hike.
In the unfortunate (or fortunate) event that one has a need to use the bathroom when 30,000 in the air, please remember the etiquette
Ice skating is a great way to get to know your date. Not only does it reveal your fun and spontaneous side, but it also reveals your romantic side, as you hold hands and hug.
You know where you are and you know where you want to be, so the next step is to determine which carrier you will use and to book a flight.
Easy and practical tips to save money on airline tickets and enjoy flying by plane.
Some experiences are much more than 'mere' occurrence. There is a 'Divine Hand' at work, making sure that we are taken care of.
Sometimes we just have to face up to our fears, and this is my account of how I tried so hard to.
Glide through the sky in the dark abroad a pirate galleon ride suspended from the ceiling and enjoy a magical journey through the world of Peter Pan.
An insight on getting full meaning out of life by going through most of our fears, alone.
While there is not much we could do about canceled flights caused by unpredictable weather, there are things we can do to make our flights comfortable if our plane manages to take-off. Filipinos spend a good 14 to 18 hours of air travel to reach the US or Europe.
Ever wondered how to make your air travel more effortless and more comfortable, even in economy tickets? This is the advices of a frequent traveller regarding air travel, airports and customs, airline emals, packing, preparing and everything else related to travelling in a comfortable...
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