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A little tour of Londons art and architecture that I went on to discover the not so well known attractions on the streets of the city.
The Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice was the brainchild of George Frederic Watts, a Victorian painter and philanthropist who thought that public recognition should be made of ordinary London people who had died while trying to save others. The Memorial can still be seen in London tod...
Here is a quick guide to what a booklover can expect to find during a walk down London’s famous Charing Cross Road.
London is the capital city of England, and the United Kingdom. The city has some great places to visit. Here are a few of the best places to visit in London, England.
London is a cool city, there’s no disputing that. It’s the city that gave the world liberal democracy and punk rock. It’s a city like no other, where the arts and culture entwine with everyday life. It’s why over 15 million people visit every year.
London it's one of the most beutiful cities in the world, at least to me! Find the reason to visit the royal city!
The statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus is one of the best-known “sights of London”, especially since it ceased to be in the middle of a roundabout at one of the capital’s busiest junctions. It has several features of interest that relate to its construction and significance.
London’s Trafalgar Square is best known for its statue of Admiral Lord Nelson atop its granite column, the four massive Landseer lions at its base, and the two large fountains in the area behind the column. Less well known are the four plinths at the corners of the paved area, desig...
There is an alternative to the scandalous cost of public transport in London and the UK.
Bethnal Green’s blind beggar was a legendary character who gave his name to a pub that was to acquire a much more sinister reputation in relatively recent times.
London teems with statues and memorials to famous men and women, but sometimes one can happen across one that commemorates an animal, one such being the life-sized bronze of “Hodge” in Gough Square, which is just north of Fleet Street.
Visitors to the Tower of London may not be aware that many victims of the axe who were executed here did not die within the confines of the walls but on Tower Hill, which is just to the north of the Tower walls, on the other side of what is now a busy main road (but conveniently close...
Visitors to London’s Westminster Abbey can see a very interesting set of statues just above the main doorway at the west end. These celebrate ten “modern martyrs”.
The statue of Achilles in London’s Hyde Park has several unusual features, not least being that it has nothing to do with Achilles!
The monument to Prince Albert in Kensington Gardens, London, is one of the finest and most elaborate to be found anywhere in the country, let alone London. It is a splendid piece of Victoriana that is as much a memorial to the spirit of that age as it is of the Prince himself. It comp...
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