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The much-loved statue of Peter Pan in London’s Kensington Gardens looks out over the northern end of The Long Water, not far from Bayswater Road.
Even before he became King of England, Richard I (1157 – 1199) was known as Richard The Lionheart and Richard Coeur de Lion due to his reputation as a great military leader and courageous warrior. A statue of Richard The Lionheart stands in the forecourt of Britain's Parliament buil...
“You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965)
Located in the City of Westminster and set between The Green Park, Hyde Park and St. James's Park, Buckingham Palace has been the official London residence and principal workplace of Britain's monarchs since 1837.
The story of London's iconic Globe Theatre, from Elizabethan times to the present day
Recently I returned to this fabulous hotel situate in once was a rather seedy part of London town. Now it is a thriving and very uptown type of place and Andaz Hotel is superb for service, ambiance and comfort...
A city within a city, for 700 years the historic City Of London has had its own unique Coat Of Arms.
An icon of British design and now part of the country's national heritage, Britain's famous red telephone boxes once provided an essential service to the general public. With just enough space for two adults to stand in, the telephone box contained a coin-operated payphone and a set o...
The world's most famous bridge, Tower Bridge is one of the iconic symbols of London.
Filled with old-world charm, the picturesque marina of St. Katharine Dock is a quiet and serene oasis in the bustling heart of London, close to the iconic Tower of London and Tower Bridge.
Have you ever stared at one of the Queen's guards and thought that they were scary? Visiting the area of Buckingham Palace and seeing the Queen's guards can be a great experience.
There are numerous companies operating as the UK's biggest and best promoting and crowd engagement masters inside expressions of the human experience, recreation and not revenue driven areas.
The Studio is located in the heart of London on Cartwright Gardens, close to Regent’s Park. Tourists can take in shows at Royal Opera House and Royal Albert Hall to experience and explore local arts and culture. They can also view the collections at Tate Modern and National Gallery....
There are so many hotels in London offering all sorts of pleasures and I hope they come up with the goodies...but for sure you will get everything and more at The Royal Horseguards Hotel sitting proudly on the Embankment overlooking the river Thames...
London City was our first stop on our travelogue this August when I with my family took a European Tour adventure.London is a lovely city, welcoming and had a calming and restful effect on us.
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