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The trips kept going downhill year after year. I wonder what happened to the next guy.
One of the many advantages of being married to a military man is you get a chance to be stationed in Europe,Germany. I saw the beauty of Bamberg in Northern Bavaria Germany, that is known for its high concentration of beer breweries which dates back more than 900 years.
Learn about the history of the Black Forest in Germany.
It was a rare treat to visit the major cities in three European countries which have thousands of years of history and structures that still exist from their earliest years.
I watched a beautiful programme on TV last night about the fairy tale castles of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and it reminded me of a memorable visit I made some years ago. So “if you come down to the woods today” you can join me on a trip through fairy land forests and discover a ...
If you love fairs (and beer) then Oktoberfest is probably the event for you. While travelling quite a distance just to visit a beer festival may seem like quite a lot of effort, this 16-day festival is definitely well worth the trip.
I was born in Wurzburg and I love my town for it's rich history. Since Wurzburg is located close to Frankfurt, which is one of the the world's busiest airport I recommend to every tourist to visit especially when having extra time.
A one"s a year celebration happened only on christmas,Christkindlemarkt in germany means a lot for german people,where people met together celebrate the spirit of christmas,its a markt place for wine,bratwurst (sausage with bread)in short traditional foods and drinks you can find in t...
Overview of a trip to Germany that I had and why I reccommend you go there as well
Nuernberg is Franconia"s Largest city,a german state of Bavaria,its one of the great trade center from Italy to Northern Europe,this city has a lot to see from castles,old buildings,museums,shopping malls,souvenir shops,the opera haus and old churches.
I saw the cross on that mountain everyday...I had to climb to the foot of that cross. It was a compulsion.
The city of Bamberg is one of the religious centers in Bavaria, Germany.
About half the population of Oberammergau will be taking part in this year's spectacular once-a-decade production of the world famous Passion Play in Oberammergau, Bavaria. It is the 41st production in a tradition started in 1634.
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