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Ideally situated in the scenic harbor area of downtown San Diego with close ocean access, not only is the seafood extremely high caliber but all else on the menu is mindfully curated with sustainability and quality in mind. And, conceptually, the recipes here exude ingenuity, which i...
Located on the West Coast, California is the most populous state of America. Presence of Mediterranean type of climate and California Vacation Rentals has made it a favored tourist destination in the world.
Summer is coming and you still not know where to go. Well, give Disneyland a shot! I guarantee it will be a wonderful experience for you and your family.
Cambria California, located midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, is a beautiful seaside village to which many vacationers travel each year. The village offers a vast array of recreational activities, including hiking, bicycling, surfing, swimming, and kayak fishing tours. Th...
San Clemente, California, located between the Pacific Ocean and a ridge of impressive sandstone cliffs, is a beach lover's dream. The town's laid-back atmosphere, friendly residents, Spanish architecture and quaint, meandering streets give the area a timeless appeal. Any season is ide...
The 840 miles that make up California's impressive coastline offers a beautiful and diverse atmosphere for sun worshipers and surfers everywhere. From secluded shores that are ideal for sunbathing, to family beaches that offer concession stands and children's facilities, the Golden St...
The City of San Diego is located on the southern coast of the state of California, and it is renowned for its pleasant weather, beautiful harbor, and outstanding scenery. There are a vast array of San Diego attractions and activities to please visitors from all around the country and ...
There are many places you can go for a vacation and take your dog. Camp Winnaribbun in the Lake Tahoe area is one of these great places. There is so much for you and your dog to do when you are here.
This article is about my hometown in California and it's people.
The history of Madronia Cemetery and the people buried in Saratoga CA
A history of San Jose and the people who live in the city
This is the natural and cultural history of the United States newest national park
The story of the famous Winchester house and the life of Sarah Winchester.
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