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Camping and sightseeing in this small town population about 311
This concerns the experiences I had driving threw and along the northern California coast and the forest I encountered .
A brief description of a relaxing travel destination on the central coast of California
California is a great state but it has been destroyed by gangs and crimes. What a waste of a beautiful state. They got to do something about gangs and crimes.
Arriving by air port, bus station or train. There can be buses to take and sidewalks and roads to ride.
Why the name Byzantine district. What Central Americans live there. Side note about Guatemalans
This is a review highlighting my personal experience with this VA Healthcare facility. I feel that it is fitting to say "Thank you" and give proper accolades to the administrative staff charged with the operations of that fine clinic / hospital. I am sure that the many Veterans who ...
Do you want to know where is the perfect beach to go surfing or swimming in CA?
The Walt Disney Concert Hall is an excellent landmark attraction to visit with the entire family
Top 5 Things To Do in San Jose, California. A Top 5 List!
Top 5 Things To Do in Los Angeles, California. A Top 5 List!
Top 5 Things to Do in Adelanto, California. A top 5 list.
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