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Buying a house in France can be quirky, so it's a good idea to know some of the quirks.
These travelling expats from Canada are trying their hand with house sitting and they're soon finishing their first one in France.
A visit to the town of Montignac in France's Dordogne region.
Presentation of the Quercy region in France and its world famous wines
There are many stories of wolves, witches and were wolves in Limousin, but happily, this region seems to be relatively vampire free. If you are visiting France you might be travelling south to Vernet-les-Bains seeking out the amazing Abbay Saint-Martin du Canigou which featured in the...
Mortemart is one of the "Plus Belle Villes" - pretty villages in France
All you need to know about the Haute Vienne department in France
all you need to know about the Correze deparrtment 19 in France
All you need to know about the Creuse department in Limousin
Limousin is the safest region in France to live and visit
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