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This is an article that gives you 6 reasons on why you should visit Hong Kong and what you can do in that city.
Looking for the best vpn service for China? Find out why use vpn and how to select best vpn for China.
Sometimes referred to as "The Last Shangri La," Bhutan is a small hermetic kingdom in the Himalayan Mountains, sandwiched between India and China. Over the past few years, an increasing number of travelers have become interested in the country as a vacation destination due to its natu...
The land of piano in the South East Asia. Where is it?
Traveled to China 5 years ago :) Planning to write my great experiences here! :)
People use bamboo, reeds, sorghum stalks into various furniture utensils figures, paste with colored paper, decorated with paper cutting, burning the dead. Monochrome color, lining color, combined with painted, and the Guangdong Foshan "copper lining", "copper writing material," etc.,...
My walking experience in many parts of China. I love travel. I love China, a drop-dead beautiful country.
Throwing laughter to frustration, we said to one another “Thank goodness we made it back safely!”
When revenue is wisely spent in good projects, taxpayers are inspired to pay their dues promptly and willinglly. Roads, bridges and tunnels are vital links necessary to speed up travel and the flow of commerce and industry as well. China's road-tunnel network is a fine example.
It was great fun studying Mandarin Chinese with future Air Force lieutenants.
The reed flute cave is a beautiful and fascinating cave where the verdant reed can be made as melodious flutes. This cave also has rock formations that develop carbonate deposit that can produce multi-colored lighting.
Travelling is my dream. Exploring places, and let me share to you my experienced how enjoying and relaxing it will be.
The wealth gap in Chinese Community has increased with the difference between the wealthiest and the poorest having risen from as much as four times in 1978 and to almost 13 times today.
Places to go in Beijing are mysterious, exotic, historical, fascinating and fabulous. Among all the jewels of the Orient, the Chinese capital Beijing still shines among the brightest. This great city is a magnificent modern and ancient metropolis, and thanks to more openness in recent...
Travel Guide: The Top 5 Things You Should Do in Lhasa, Tibet
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