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Glasgow, Scotland is home to some of the best shops and boutiques in Europe. One of the largest and stylish cities in the United Kingdom, it is a haven for true shopaholics. Many people travel from quite a distance to enjoy everything the city has to offer. Fondly referred to as The S...
Scottish place names often include prefixes and suffixes which relate to a largely forgotten language. This article looks at and interprets some of the most common examples.
An otherwise unremarkable small island in the Orkneys has a sinister tale to tell, if you believe that sort of thing!
I know it's a while since we denied ourself the freedom to govern our own land, but here's a short article where I voice my opinions on what could have been...
On 10th April 2014, Scottish Emirates Pilot Captain Ian Weir landed one of the world's largest commercial aircraft at Glasgow Airport.. marking the Airline's ten year link with Scotland. This 'first time' exciting event drew in widespread media coverage and a huge volume of spectator...
One of the beautiful press trips I took was to Edinburgh an ancient and historical town. So much to see and enjoy and if you are a history buff like me you will want to wander the old wynds set back from the main thoroughfare. the nobles had their town houses there hidden behind wal...
A guide to some of the best family fun attractions to visit in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Steeped in history, Edinburgh Castle could tell you a few stories of what it's seen over the years. Here are just some of the interesting facts you might not know.
A Short hike along Fife Coastal Path in East Neuk of Fife
An over-night trip to the Isle of Skye was a magical adventure. Wild and beautiful with a coastline of high cliffs and huge rocks.
This article describes the Castle in Edinburgh, a very popular tourist attraction in the capital city of Scotland.
Discription and authors own views on this tranquill island on the western coast of Scotland.
Set in 20 acres of rugged Highland landscape, Attadale is an award winning garden, growing plants and attracting visitors from around the world. Read on to find out more about why this is the best garden in Scotland* In Part 4, we go to the Fern Garden and the working Kitchen Garden...
A review on Stirling in Scotland. Contain places to see and things to do
Things to do in Edinburgh for free or very little cost. A guide for tourists, family's and individuals looking for entertainment in the capital city.
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