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Hereford Cathedral is not the largest or grandest in England, but it is well worth a visit, not least to view the remarakable Chained Library and Mappa Mundi
Welcome to the Stiperstones, a strange but beautiful landscape not far from the border between England and Wales.
Here is the story behind a strange feature to found on the canal system in the heart of Birmingham, West Midlands.
Lichfield Cathedral’s claim to fame is that it is the only cathedral in Britain to have three spires. Unfortunately, various efforts at repairing the ravages of time and “enemy action” have only met with mixed success.
Birmingham is the second city of England, although at times this is disputed by Manchester. However for my purposes the original definition still holds and the city has a lot of hidden treasures for the visitor to find.
I am a big fan of history especially of my birth land...magic there has always existed for me and returning recently I spent a fabulous few days in an incomparable hotel...hope you 'get it' from my words here....
I have lived in Halesowen all my life, with a few diversions to other places during my career, but it is the place to which I return from my travels. It is a small town with a large history that spans back millennia . . .
Often we wonder about where our Internet friends may live, and what their surroundings in the countryside might offer. So here is a chance to pay a visit to my home, view my garden through the seasons, and see what parts of the West Midlands of England can look like.
Ironbridge is a small village perched on the banks and cliffside of the River Severn in Shropshire. It is a place I have visited frequently, and one which I always enjoy returning to, time after time. You cannot see all it has to offer in just one day so for now let us explore the v...
In the Black Country towns and villages, much nostalgia involves reminiscences of long summer holidays, endless sunshine – and working holidays taken in the Hopfields. In the decades before the “Package Holiday” (and Billy Butlin) arrived on the scene, organized holidays were ...
Local history fascinates me, and so I never miss an opportunity to explore local venues that are on my doorstep. I am sure most of us do not really know what history there is on our own doorstep, so if my wanderings back in time intrigue you, then why not go out there and find out wh...
Our industrial history, here in Britain, depended heavily on our rivers as means of transportation for goods. Our canal systems were specifically dug to provide links across the country between one industrial town and another, and so on to the coast. Here in the Midlands of England ...
I am researching a type of historical travelogue, that relates to the history of Shropshire from references in 1820 to its modern day transformations. This is just one of the historic towns being researched
I have spent some time exploring my local area to see just how green it is. Share my findings though these few illustrations.
When you are visiting the Black Country borough of Dudley, it is essential to visit the town's castle and search for the often unseen inhabitants of the town.
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