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Internet Censorship in Saudi Arabia - How it works and is it possible to bypass Internet filtering in KSA. How to access blocked websites in Saudi Arabia?
Jebel Al Qarra , also known as "Judas cave" in Hofuf, al Hassa is located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The huge mountain formation was formed millions of years ago as limestone caves around it is known to the locals as Ghar Al-hashab which means the cave of the arrow maker...
One of the most beautiful attractions to visit in this country is the Ain Al Heet underground cave in Al Kharj located in the Central part of Saudi Arabia.
This is my adventures touring and living in Saudi Arabia as a worker and traveler.
Hotel with good moral, good service and most reviewed in TripAdvisor
My Spiritual Journey of Muslim Festival Hajj 2008. After starting Zikr & Meditation in 2007 with my Shaikh Hazrat Muhammad Akram Awan MZA , I visited Hajj 2008. In this page i shared some of my feelings.
I witness many dramatic events and great changes of the country. The Kingdom had become my home while Philippines is my country – I started to like and love its very colorful history.
I thought I had angered the general. Come to find out, he was a strong Christian man.
Taking a closer look into the lives of the Saudis through personal experience.
The Old Diriyah, according to the history of Saudi Arabia , was a kingdom. The family of Saud once ruled the kingdom in the early 1800s. The remains of those ruined palaces were built of mud bricks and stones, supported with some blunt timber. The Old Diriyah can be reached by a two-w...
I do not have the intention to advertise the market but only to share them to you what I got there and the overwhelming pleasure I experienced when we stopped at Al-Batha Square . It was really something to enjoy!
Hidden Valley can easily charm you and let you believe that this place is not just a desert of sands, but also a place of beautiful rocks and mountains ready to be embraced and enjoy. Most amazing of all was the absence of running water, to bathe her for added beauty. A completely dry...
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