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It seems that everywhere I visit has a large body of water close to hand. It is almost enough to make folks think that I am deliberately going to places where there is water.
just a write up of my move to New Orleans and a few pictures
Enjoy the Louisiana Book Festival and The Opera in Four Acts. The Rural Life Museum and Windrush Gardens is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Visit the Cajun Village. Explore the heritage, culture, and history of the Cajuns. Try the unique Cajun cuisine.
The small town of Venice, Louisiana has earned the nickname "The End of the World." This is because it is the last community down the Mississippi that is accessible by automobile.
I-55 is a major north-south Interstate Highway that runs through the middle of the United States. This is the Parish in which I have lived 43 years and this interstate is the way I travel everyday.
This island was destroyed by a hurricane in 1856. This island was a popular pleasure resort that was located southwest of New Orleans on the south shore of the state of Louisiana.
Most of the bayou landscape is located in the state of Louisiana, although it stretches from Houston, Texas to Mobile, Alabama. The Louisiana bayou has countless tales, legends and stories that attract many people to it’s natural beauty.
These areas are recognized by the National Park Service. These areas draw the curiosity of travelers near and far because there is so much adventure, discovery and education.
Located near the town of St. Francisville, Louisiana is the Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge. It is 30 miles north of Baton Rouge.
The climate of Louisiana is a humid subtropical climate. In Louisiana there is also a lot of rain. It rarely snows here and when it does it is only a small amount and it is usually washed away by the rain.
Avery Island is the home of the famous Tobasco Sauce. A great place to visit or to take a vacation is Avery Island.
The Honey Island Swamp is considered unique because it is one of the least altered swamps in the United States. Even today, this swamp remains in its original condition as a pristine wilderness.
Once in awhile, an opportunity to try something truly unique comes along, and those who pass it up, usually regretting it, and live with the "if only's" from then on. So, when the chance to feast on crawdad's at...
There are many scams in New Orleans' tourist destinations. Due to a series of unfortunate events i have been apart and have witnessed a great number of scams. Of course you will equip yourself with the knowledge to avoid these scams by reading this page.
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