Featured articles in Mindanao

Be enchanted of the beauty the river of hinatuan brings.
After a stressful week or month, give yourself and your family a treat to have an adrenalin rush vacation at Dahilayan Adventure Park!
We always want to go somewhere refreshing during Summer. This time, I will talk about a place where we can travel and enjoy our summer vacation, in the CAMIGUIN ISLAND..
Camiguin Island has many tourist attractions that has to offer to its visitors, one of these is the White Island.
Mindanao is indeed blessed with natural resources particularly beaches. Several beaches around this piece of land remained to be a secret to the public.
Its more fun here in Davao City, Philippines and its agricultural abundance, festive atmosphere, relax, witness and enjoy to the colorful street floral float parade. Join us next year!
It's counter-intuitive, but we really stand to learn a lot from indigenous people.
This describes the way of life of the Tigwahanon tribe of indigenous people in Bukidnon.
I am describing the Mindanao State University Main Campus, a state university heavily subsidized by the government. The tuition is reasonable but the quality education is unmatched. The location is described to the details with explanations on why the campus is conducive for study and...
Buying a piece of an island in the Pacific, specially somewhere in the southern Philippines, isn't so difficult for anyone who loves the sun, white beaches and pretty Asian girls. The island of Samal in the Davao Gulf is one island that many foreigners are trying to keep a secret ...
Like a rare and expensive jewel, the Pearl Farm Beach Resort in the southern part of the Philippines is a sight to behold!
General Santos City, a relatively small metropolis sitting on the coast of Sarangani Bay, 600 miles south of Manila, in the back-end of the Mindanao region, is called by many as the Tuna Capital of Asia.
Mount Apo -->Highest mountain in the Philippines! King of Mountain in the Philippines.
Riding waves is so much fun and exciting,surfing is a unique sports for those who dare to face the waves,Its most common in Australia and Hawaii and in Philippines.
Founded in 1937, The city of Davao is now one of the largest city in the Philippines. It is located in the south eastern part of Mindanao Island, home of more than a million of inhabitants
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