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The island of Hydra is located in the Argo-saronic region of Greece with small other islands. Its location is next to peloponnese it is a wide mountain island with many churches and one beautiful port with many fish boats and sea taxis for the near islands and the capital city of Athe...
The island of Agistri is located in the beautiful Argo-saronic Greece which is surrounded by blue-green waters and other islands around it. Agistri is well known for its beautiful white sand beaches and wonderful modern cafes located at the beaches, it is great for tourists because of...
The island of Spetses is located in the Argo-saronic surrounded by other beautiful islands and green-blue waters. It is the perfect vocation spot and historic site all in one beautiful island.Spetses history goes back to 1821 with the great Greek independence leaders.
Few days we spent at Easter time in the Greek island of Agistri. I talk about the hotel where we stayed (Oasis Scala Beach), the people we met there and the sporting activities we carried out.
Sailing holidays in Saronic Gulf Islands include some absolutely fabulous coastline and a number of attractive islands. The nicest marinas along the Attica coast are the four different marinas at Gilfadha, three of which are private.
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