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Riding a bike in the Eastern Himalayas is a test of endurance and a matter of great enjoyment
Meghalaya is bound on the north and east by Assam and on the south and west by Bangladesh. Meghalaya literal meaning the abode of clouds is essentially a hilly state. It is now divided into seven administrative districts.
These four sites are of interest to the Buddhists. The Buddhist said that should any person lose his or her life on the way to any of these places would definitely go to a higher realm.
about trekking and cave exploring in Meghalaya, where to visit and what to visit and few historical background about the places.
Manipur is piece of Switzerland which is kept in north eastern side of India, known as "Switzerland of India"
Tree houses in the north east states of India, Assam and Meghlaya a travel destination for homely food and atomosphere of tree house
Digboi isin the far east of India and is a lovely place. developed by the British during the days of the Raj, Digboi is a place with plenty of charm
The Government of India passed the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. Under the act national sanctuaries and biosphere reserves were established. In this article I am providing some important sanctuaries and fauna found in that particular sanctuaries.
Special Tiger Protection Force in Arunachal Pradesh , North eastern state of India with a special drive to protect the Tigers with the help of National Tiger Conservation Authority
Malinithan Where history and mythology meets together. located at Likhabali, Aurnachal Pradesh, India.
Assam is not one of the most widely known places in the world for sure. It is not one of the most important or developed region either. But this Indian state has a lot to offer – rich cultural experience, excellent natural beauty and much more!
Varanasi is a revered city for the Hindus. Thousands of devotees throng this city every day to take a dip in the holy waters of River Ganga and pay a visit to its ancient temples.
The article describes the serenity of the place Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya.
The article describes the beauty of the place Cherrapunjee.
The article highlights the scenic beauty of Guwahati, the capital of Assam.
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