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This article is very close to my heart as my husband is from there and we family there that could be living a better life if it wasnt for the corruption that is still very visible.
African American wants to explore West Africa - discouraged by Nigerians who state it is unsafe.
Recently, states government in Nigeria banned commercial motorcyclist from the streets of most urban areas including state capital. They replaced the motor bike also called "okada" in Nigeria with tricycle. The reason for the banned was as a result of high rate of death from motor bi...
Nigeria ranks among the highest exporters of crude oil in the world yet they rank among the poorest in the world. A few politicians pockets the wealth of the nation in their pockets.
As the election draws near in Nigeria, there is the need to consider certain factors that will help to usher in a free and fair election. Previous elections in the country has always been characterize with rigging and violence.
The Jos people in Nigeria have currently been under incessant bomb attacks. For the past few years, the Jos people have been facing different forms of sectarian violence ranging from gun battles to the recent use of sophisticated bombs.
The Republic of Biafra, was a secessionist state of Nigeria. It comprised the East Central State which was later split into South Eastern and Rivers States of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
So much blood has been shed in the Jos crises yet no one is doing anything to stop this continuous genocide. Many claim it’s a religious crises while others are sure it has a political backing.
If you’ve been travelling from Ghana to Nigeria or from Nigeria to Ghana by air, you’ve missed a lot. It is true that it’s faster by air but it’s merrier by road for individuals and groups travelling for excursion.
Lagos is a highly populated City situated by the Atlantic coast in Nigeria. It was the first capital of Nigeria before it was moved to Abuja. Lagos still remains the center of excellence in Nigeria.
The Niger Deltans are the aborigines of the oil rich Niger Delta area in Nigeria. Though they live on top of the oil that feeds Nigeria, they are the most impoverished.
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