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Many say that when you step foot on Zakynthos island, you never want to go back. The island belongs to the Ionian group of islands and it’s the third largest one.
Life in Zakynthos, holidays in GREECE. What is more attractive in Zakynthos
The sea town of Mpenitses is a beautiful little town located in the eastern side of Corfu. Its population has overgrown over the last years and its beauty has people coming more and more every year, it's a wonderful town with many venetian villas and structures left from the venetian ...
The island of Zakynthos is located in the Ionian islands and it is one of the small islands near kefalonia. Year by year its population is growing tremendously with a lot of tourism and locals too, it is great in summertime for many activities.
Lefkada (Greece) is a beautiful big island located in the Ionian sea with wonderful beaches, and amazing activities to do. The island of Lefkada has many tourists in the summertime and the restaurants fill up with many people outsiders and locals. It is a very beautiful and historical...
The ionian island of Kalamos sits in between Lefkada and aitoloakarnania, with its charming beauty, and beautiful green blue waters the island of Kalamos also known as Karnos in the ancient days brings a lot of tourists in the summertime with its warm weather and wonderful cafes and r...
The islands of Greece are a traveller’s dream. Scattered across the warm, azure waters of the Mediterranean, these islands seem to have been forgotten by time.
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