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A place where do you you want to see, Bigar waterfall, one of the most beautifull waterfalls in the world. It is a real place that place is not created in Photoshop, it is a real place who anyone should see. Bigăr waterfall was considered as the most beautiful in the world in 2013 by...
Romania is situated in the South-Eastern part of Central Europe, between Eastern Europe and the Balkan Peninsula .
If not prepared, your trip to a foreign country can be accompanied with more hassles and troubles.
Maramures, in the far North of Romania, is a region largely untouched and unvisited in Europe, but which offers unique travel opportunities.
I was advised to cancel the trip...however, God had a different plan.
Ok so the summer has come and now after a year of hard work we all ask ourselves where exactly we could spend an incredible vacation at low prices? You want to go in someplace in Europe with welcoming people , beautiful scenery , a country full of castles just like a fair...
The "Magura" mountain,near the town of Targu Ocna,is just one of the many wonderful places worth visiting in Romania.
Is Transylvania a part of The Pied Piper legend? A few theories and reasons for this stroy and the palce in Tranyslvania.
No one is identified more to Transylvania than count Dracula. Yet, no one is more "misunderstood." Here is a short hisotry of the real man: Vlad Tepes.
Aa short hisotry of Transylvania, with major points, and the land which my ancestors grew up in.
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