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There is something about the human spirit, or at least the young male human spirit, that delights in bravado and risking one’s life for the sheer hell of it. In Spain it is traditional for hundreds of young men (and even a few women) to run through the streets of Pamplona chased by ...
The Severn Bore may sound like the guy in the pub who goes on and on about the River Severn, but that is not what I mean here! It is a natural feature that has become a tourist attraction and an opportunity for surfers to do something that is a bit out of the ordinary.
I live in Yarnton. It is a village in Oxfordshire in the the United Kingdom, about three miles from Oxford, and on the way to Woodstock. As far as I know nobody ever made a tourist guide of the place as most would pass on by on their way to Woodstock and Blenheim Palace.
Wearing my journalist hat, I went along to Dudmaston Hall to chat to the House Steward, who monitors the care of the property on behalf of the National Trust. I was doing a series of articles on such houses around the county of Shropshire at the time. Join me n a bird’s-eye, whist...
One in a series of ‘Day Trips’ that visitors to the UK might like to consider during their tour here.
A detailed viewing of the beautiful Malvern countryside and its surrounding shires. Hotels, restaurants and places of interest to visit. Food and wine producers and a little bit of history including Edward Elgar, the great English composer, and the Worcester Porcelain Museum and Fac...
Chester is a town that dates in history back to a time when the Roman empire was found in the UK
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