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This article is about my experience in Penang Island, which is located on the Northwest coast of Malaysian Peninsula by the Strait of Malacca.
Penang Island is a perfect holiday destination. Locals and foreigners are drawn to its warm sunny beaches, mouth watering cuisine and shopping outlets. This article offers a quick take on the island and some basic advice for those who plan to visit.
Cameron highland is one of the place you must go when travelling to Malaysia. There are many type of farm, fruit , plants and insect at there.
Variety of strawberry dishes, such as fresh strawberry milkshake, strawberry fried rice and etc are served on Cameron Highland. Have a try if got chances.
Malacca, the well know historical town in Asia due to A'Famosa fortress built in the past. Now it is the main attraction of Malacca.
One of the famous tourism location due to its historical story, Malacca. Main attraction historical of its, the A'Famosa fortress left since long time ago by Portuguese.
Genting Highland is very famous around the world due to its tourism attraction. Mainly because of the Casinos and the theme park on Genting Highland, it because very well known, especially in Asia.
During my trip travelling around Malaysia, I got a chance to taste a type of very delicious cheese cake in Malacca state. It was the most delicious cake I have ever tasted so far.
Langkawi is officially known as jewel of Kedah (Malaysian state). It is consisting of 99 islands. These are adjacent to the Thai border. It is one of the best tourist spots.
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