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The Nomadic Shelter is a provisional particular safe house as of late assembled amid the Salt Siida Workshop, a building workshop that is a piece of a voyaging expressions celebration as of now found on the shoreline of the Norwegian island of Sandhornøy, in the Arctic Circle. In spi...
Borgund stave church is a remarkable survival from a bygone age. Built entirely from wood between 1150 and 1180 it has stood for around 850 years as a living example of the skill of the Vikings as workers in wood.
Many visitors avoid traveling by car due to gas prices, but for those willing to accept the time and cost, there are a few good stops where they can get out and stretch their legs and find history, nature, and beauty--here's where to visit.
Leaving England and traveling to Norway via ferry was a wonderful way to travel. Upon getting off the ferry in Bergen, I truly felt like I was in Europe. New language, new street signs, new trolly signs, new everything.
Oslo is a mountainous city and is the capital of Norway. It is renowned as a principal port in Europe.
Norway got a rugged coastline that usually broke through massive fjord. These nations have 50,000 islands that stretch all over the 2,500 kilometers. Aside of that, Norway have share a land area together with its neighboring nations that includes Russia, Finland, and Sweden.
Norway, home of the Vikings, spectacular scenery and awesome fjords. This is your guide to the way north.
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