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Meandering down a canal in a romantic gondola with the driver singing a romantic song in Italian is an image we have all grown up imagining how a romantic evening in Italy looked like. However, there’s so much more love and romance to the country. Italy is considered by many to be t...
My trip to Italy. A close experience with history I had heretofore observed just in picture collections and motion pictures. The landmarks, culture, scenery and food from the immense Colosseum to the spread of Olive trees-that blow one's mind! Last day in Italy on this trip. Monuments...
Castello di Leonina Lerais is a real haven that is sure to make memorable your vacation in Italy.
Past and present of a wonderful European city that would make an amazing holiday destination.
Italy is a great country to visit. Italian art and architecture are some of Europe's finest, and there are some great cities in Italy. Here are the top five places to visit in Italy.
If you are looking for a culture-packed, authentic adventure, then Scopello is your next holiday destination with its wild nature combined with cultural traditions and typical regional food.
Oh Venice...! You willl love the culture the food, the water... Find here your guide to know Venice!
Just as children and other members of a family expect their Dad to give them love, care and support, so it is with a church organization, Catholic followers the world over forget for a moment grief and frustrations when they personally see the pope smiles and gives them words of hope ...
I recently did a roadtrip in Europe, and my last stop was Rome, Italy. Sit and enjoy my notes from trip.
With interesting towns such as Massa, Lucca and Radda, Tuscany is a region of Italy that essentially any traveler will find intriguing and enjoyable. Tuscany vacation rentals are available to please those whose primary goal is to spend time on the beach, as well as travelers whose mai...
I have visited a beautiful exhibition of early 17th century paintings, taking place in the Stigliano Palace of Naples. The article is about the most striking features which pleased me particularly.
This is a short article on how to enjoy Naples, Italy
This is what happens when you can't afford a hotel.
Kidnapping was very common in Roman world, also military conquest was one major was people get captured.
Portu Empedocli is located on the coast of the Strait of Sicily. This town was given the name by a Greek pre-Socratic Philosopher. This is part of my hertiage and culture in which I am so proud.
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