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This is but only a pictorial article about how our family usually spent the weekend in Singapore. Nothing much here that we can do as our land are not as wide as other nations, thus we had limited places to visit; but we do tend to find or create something special out of the ordinary ...
China Town, the street in Singapore that for hawkers to do business, selling varieties of stuffs. It is a place where we can truly can feel Asian's Culture.
Merlion, the animal with the head of the lion and the body of the fish. It is the symbolic of Singapore, the most modern country in South East Asia.
Based on my trip to the amazing places in Singapore. Singapore is fantastic place to visit, lots of things attracts travelers.....
Both familiar and exotic, Singapore invites you to visit some of the world’s most intriguing countries—China, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia, yet you will unpack your suitcase only once, have all your conversations in English and enjoy year-round warm weather. All these cultures c...
Holiday of a life Time! Unique and Unforgettable Experience!
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