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This is a poem I wrote during my yearly vacation to Myrtle Beach, in South Carolina.
Yearly trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Family vacation coming up.
Finding an ideal location for a family holiday is often determined by your budget. However, along with picturesque scenery, historical monuments and museums, Mount Peasant in South Caroline offers a range of options for affordable, and yet memorable travel.
Sometimes it's the simple, spur of the moment, trips that leave us with warm memories. Many people save all year for a huge vacation - but how many just take a day or a weekend when the chance permits, and just go somewhere new? This article is a story of one of those last minute trip...
For the lovers of art and nature - here is a wonderful combination of both. Found near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - 9000 acres filled with beauty - bronze, lead, stone... sculptures of many sorts placed gracefully throughout a beautiful garden. To spend a day walking through this la...
If you happen to find yourself near Walterboro, South Carolina - you need to find a couple hours to tour the South Carolina Artisans Center. It will flood your heart with many wonders! Some of the most amazing artisans are featured in this historic facility.
Most people think of traveling to a specific place - but sometimes, thanks to the wonderfully talented historical reenactment groups, we can not only travel to a place, but to a time..... so come, travel to South Carolina, back to the 18th century!
A visit to Hilton Head Island, SC, is not complete without taking a tour of the island's remaining lighthouses
Budget Friendly travel is a just a tour away when you visit Charleston, South Carolina.
This is just as an exercise in writing about an imaginary trip.
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