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This is an article about two extremely beautiful cities in Croatia called Split and Dubrovnik.
You've finally decide to visit this incredible country called Croatia. Here are some interesting things and curiosities
A different lifestyle and adjusting to life here is not as easy
This article explores the city of Dubrovnik as a great tourist destination.
We wanted a few days of total relaxing holiday; reading, swimming, seafood and few drinks. The island of Lopud, near Dubrovnik, turned out to be a great choice.
Every visitor to Dubrovnik should take the walk around the city walls, as the views from the top are varied and spectacular.
My first impressio of Dubrovnik's Old Town was surprise and then delight at the beauty of the place. Perched on the edge of the Adriatic, this medival walled town is superbly preserved.
We chose the Hotel More for four nights on our holiday in Dubrovnik for a few reasons; it was stylish, and just a short ride to Dubrovnik's Old Town.
I just wanted to write a quick page about the magical Buza Bar in Dubrovnik, perhaps now my favourite drinking establishment.
Looking to spend a holiday in Dubrovnik? Here's the lowdown of our time there including the sites, the hotels and the places to go.
We spent a few nights at the delightful Villa Vilina on the tiny island of Lopud, off the coast of Dubrovnik and loved every minute of our stay.
One of the most enjoyable days of our holiday in Dubrovnik was spent kayaking around the beautiful island of Lopud.
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