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Rethymno,Crete, is a city in Greece with a population of approximately 40,000 people. It lies along the island's northern coast and is home to one of Crete's longest sand beaches. Anyone choosing to vacation in this beautiful Mediterranean city will not regret his or her decision.
1971. The Air Force. The Greek Island of Crete. A Greek Taverna called POPS, where everybody knew my name. I saw her in the door. She was short, a light brown skin with raven hair. She was walking toward me. This is not good for my buzz. Love was about to happen unannounced.
hi traveller's looking for a romantic holiday destination, a romantic trip away have a look at Sissi, in Crete
hi fellow traverllers a short holiday review about the greek island of crete
hi a short travel review of a small town in crete called hersonissos in crete,Greece hope you enjoy
Advice for young people before they go on their clubbing holiday- by someone who's been there!
Legend has it that during the heydays of the ancient Greek Minoan Civilization, Athens was forced to send seven youths and seven maidens to be sacrificed to the Minotaur of Crete in his labyrinth every nine years. The Palace of Knossos is believed to be the site of the labyrinth. Toda...
Quick Guide to to the resort Stalis in Northern Western Crete,
This article explores the city of Hania on Crete as a great tourist destination.
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