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Some memories of some scary moments while in Egypt in the seventies
History is the foundation of what we are today. Knowing something about Africa, Egypt and other African places near and surrounding the mystical Nile River is as important as the air we breathe. It is recorded that civilization begins in the various human settlements that were built...
A trip to Cairo by air from Cyprus was taken by myself and a friend. Read how we got on.
An overview of this fascinating ancient Egyptian site, illustrated with my own photographs.
Hi fellow traverllers, a short review of the hotel tropicana jasmine club, that i stayed in, in Sharm -el - Sheik, Egypt
Have you ever been to Egypt? If you visit this country, you should go to a camel trip. It will be unforgettable.
To enjoy the lapping of the waves and get to know your dream country? Why wait?
Very interesting information in my opinion. Pyramid of Cheops is only one left of world seven miracles.
hi fellow travellers,a review of the tropitel hotel, namma ,in sharm-el sheik,Egypt, hope this helps if you are thinking of staying here
a day trip which included ,a jeep safari,camel rides,snorkling,a beduoin experience,and some shopping
how to enjoy sham-el sheik ,egypt my experience in egypt and a short guide for fellow travellers
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