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If you have been wondering where you should spend the rest of your years then look no further than Cebu. Start refining your search, pare down the list and then consider Cebu. Take a gander at these three places in Cebu and why they make excellent retirement sanctuaries.
A chance encounter between an Englishman and an old Filipino man on a beach reveals the real impact of a typhoon.
Retiring to a foreign country for any westerner needs careful research. However there are things that still come as a culture shock no matter how much research is done. Noise in the Philippines is probably never even though about by most retirees.
I want to share to everyone one of the tourist attraction in the Philippines and one of the best beaches in the world.
I immediately fell in love with this quote when I asked my students to prepare some quotes fitting for the Valentine’s day. The same feeling when I am asked about how in love am I to climb mountains. Since I was introduced to this kind of hobby, I began to see it as my very soul tha...
Happiness in the Philippiness is their everything.A typical Filipino will choose living a very difficult life with their family than to live a billionaire's life,provided with all their wants but not your needs. Filipino are known as having a close family ties. They think not for the...
The way to relax and refresh is through the Kawasan Falls
14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land--2 chronicles 7:14
Western Visayas, Sapian Capiz. The sea food capital of the Philippines and a peaceful place to live. If you wanted to travel in the Philippines, why not visit our place. The people in this part of the country are a hospitable and friendly.
Not only once, twice, but thrice. As I described Kawasan falls, it was a place that you will surely fell in love with. There are three stages of the falls. It was in the second stage where you can see nice water falling naturally created by times.
I am a homie for years, since i stopped working. Boredom makes me realized that there is so much to see outside and just waited for you to conquer it. So then I started wondering places to places. There are many falls in the Philippines but I have noticed one falls that is rarely visi...
Leonardo has a lot of good movie that I always watch in the cinema,like Titanic,Romeo and Juliet,Catch Me If You Can and a lot more.He did great in titanic and it is a wonderful movie ever that touches the heart of many.He portrays there as Jack who fell in this lovely woman named Ros...
Many tourists do not feel going home when they visit the fresh and scenic spots in the southern part of Cebu.
Welcome to my Bantayan Island Cebu Philippines experience. It was a very nice place to travel ever. I have attached pictures for you to have a look at.
Cebu Philippines is one of the most visited place in Asia. Because of the beaches and tropical weather, your travel experience will be satisfying
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