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Kumbhmela performed for every 12 years, this time this kumbhmela-2013 performing at Allahabad, Allahabad is holy and sacred place with 3 holy rivers those are Ganga, Yamuna and Swarswathi.
A guide to Agra city and the great Taj Mahal including the other two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Floating Bazar at Varanasi, brass items beads jewellry and artificial ornaments are sold on the boats in the river Ganga.
Varanasi was the oldest living city in the world, Banaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together."
India is a country where people from all over the world come in search of sprituality and Moksha and one such city is kashi or Varanasi as it is now called.
Significance of divine city Varanasi also known as Kashi. It is as ancient as Hinduism.
Once in a lifetime, a visit to Kumbh mela in Uttar Pradesh in India, and bathing in sangam,a confluence of 3 rivers, gives you salvation,whatever be the religion you practise.
Kashi and Kashi Viswanath is holy place for Hindus, Every person wish to visit Kashi atleast once in life time, immersion in Ganga river will remove all ailments and impurities of the body
Agra, also known as the city of Taj, is the first place Taj Mahal, Agra the itinerary of tourists coming to India from all around the world. This Guide will help you what to see more in this amazing city read further.
The Taj Mahal complex is surrounded by red sandstone walls except for the side facing the river.
This article explores the city of Agra in India as a great travel destination.
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