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Coral Bay is one of those places in the world that I had to see before I die. A place that I fell in love with from the first moment and a place where nature displays itself best! Coral Bay was one stop on our roadtrip, but it was way more than just a stop.
Water usually doesn't have color. It normally looks kinda blueish because of the blue sky above. Well, there are lots of mysteries around the world. Water isn't pink..It can't be pink if we normally think about it. But in Australia, there is a pink lake...Read more.
Coober Pedy is located in Northern South Australia, 846 kms north of Adelaide on the Stuart highway.
The city of Perth, Western Australia, is widely known as a relaxed and enjoyable place to live. This reputation is certainly justified due to several elements. These include its pleasant climate and booming economy, among others.
A few tips on using public transport when visiting Melbourne
This wikinut page is about 'Kings park and Botanic Garden' in Perth
A sunny afternoon on the Harbour ferry turned into something much more of an adventure...
Kangaroos are native to Australia and they are a national icon. Many visitors who come to Australia want to see and take pictures of Kangaroos. Some of the places you like to visit and get close to kangroos and even feed them are Zoo and parklands. The most popular one in South Austra...
We travel to Brisbane in search of warmth and yes, it gets warmer...... and wetter!
Facts and Info about Australia. Sydney opera house and Brisbane city information.
Do you know much about Australian Foods and Cuisines? Know how lavish an Australian Treat is? Here we go… you’ve got about it here.
Australia considers as one of world’s most urbanized nation where in about 70% of their population are in 10 major cities. Both the continent and commonwealth of Australia includes the Tasmania that somehow considers as quite larger that can be compared in Europe.
The amazing experience of my first travel abroad. Flying for the first time is itself a thrill and to Brisbane via Singapore is even more exciting experience. I just want to share how I manage to get my passport and visa for this travel.
'Outback Australia', the 'Red State', the Northern Territory. What sounds like a desert landscape with lots of dust and dirt is way more than that. I lived in the Northern Territory, in a place that is called Katherine for two months. I was a temporary 'Territorian', a 'Top Ender' and...
Queensland - the Sunshine State! When we first arrived it started pouring down rain, that was not what we expected from the Far North and the Sunshine State.. But beeing stucked there without any money and without a job was the best thing that could have happened to us!
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