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In Costa Rica's beautiful, lush landscape, one will find the delightful beach resort of Playa Langosta, which is located on Playa Tamarindo's southern coast. The phrase Playa Langosta translates to Lobster Beach in English, and this is not surprising as the residents of Langosta Beach...
Tamarindo, Costa Rica is a hidden gem on the Pacific side of this beautiful country. This article discusses some of the things to do in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
in this article you will be able to know of some places in the mountains of Costa Rica, where you will be able to find truly beautiful places
Costa Rica is also one of the major tourist destinations on earth and thousands of visitors arrive each year to behold the many treasures the country has to offer.
In this Travelers Guide you can read about some paradisiacal beaches of Costa Rica, that you can visit when you are around Costa Rica, hope you like this article and maybe, I will see you around.
This page will show you some things that you might to know when you are visiting Costa Rica, I am a Costa Rican as well so, this maybe can be useful for the person who wants to go on a trip to Costa Rica.
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