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Lahore is located on the shores of the Ravi River and is Punjab's capital city. A large province in Pakistan, it is only about 36 miles from Amritsar and is the perfect vacation destination for travelers who enjoy exploring different societies and cultures.
Lahore is the capital city of Punjab, a province in Pakistan. It is situated on the banks of the Ravi River, and is approximately 35 miles from Amritsar, India. Lahore is an ideal traveling destination for those who enjoy exploring different cultures, as the city is considered Punjab'...
The incident shows the importance of Charity in the God's way. It saved us from a worse happening in incredible way.
Chakwal is the capital of Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is located 90 km south-east of the federal capital, Islamabad and is named after Chaudhary Chaku Khan, chief of the Mair Minhas tribe from Jammu, who founded it in 1525 CE during the era of the Mughal Emperor, Zaheerudun...
India and pakistan were one nation and travel was easy. But after 1947 all links were cut including rail lines. Now two trains have again been restored and the rail links restored
Karachi is the power house of Pakistan , but is beset by violence and migrants.
Shogran is another beauty of Pakistan. when u will visit to Naran u must see its.
Hunza is another Natural Beauty of Pakistan at Province of Gilgit. Tourist may visit from May~August.
Murree is most Beauty Full Location In Punjab near Islamabad. everyone effort to Murree visit.
Skardu is 7,500 feet above Sea level in Balistan. Skardu is a great place to Mountain Trek and a Fishermen dream come true with an abundant stock of wild Fresh Water trout to catch with a backdrop of the great peaks of the Karakoram mountain range to enjoy
Chitral is the Most Beautiful Station in Pakistan.
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