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Prior to 2010, Malaysia used to offer Visa on Arrival services where you were allowed to get visa after reaching the country, but the increased number of illegal immigrants, the government had to scrap the facility in August 2010.
Malaysia is situated in the South China Sea not far from the country of Indonesia. Each year, holidaymakers book hotels in Port Dickson and other areas of Malaysia to experience the immense charm and beauty of this tropical paradise. Offering a blend of wilderness areas, pristine beac...
This is my experience of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and some thoughts about how it is to visit.
it's about top things to see in KL, Malaysia plus my personal opinion.
Your home when you are in vacation, a home away from home. You want a comfortable room, and this would make a huge difference to your entire vacation. It isn’t always a guarantee that you will be staying to the most comfortable hotel but you can improve your stay.
"I have seen other places like Sipadan 45 years ago. Now we have found again an untouched piece of art”. Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Cameron highland is one of the place you must go when travelling to Malaysia. There are many type of farm, fruit , plants and insect at there.
The article speaks about the excellent scenery that can be seen from the Air Asia flight travelling from Kualalumpur to Netaji Subhash Airport in Kolkata.
A review on a fishing village which is located in Port Klang, Malaysia.
If you desire to explore Asian Culture & Heritage, Food & Beverages, Religion and Languages in a single country, then Malaysia would be the perfect destination.
Sabah is famous throughout Asia are not included in the country or abroad. Among the tourist attractions is Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia and not only that Sabah is known for rich natural resources.
this is about my experience and some info i got about kota damansara community forest park in kuala lumpur
Do you love rides? Do you love to play casino? if answer to these questions is yes then you would definitely love to visit Genting Highlands ! Yes you are right…. Genting Highlands is place to enjoy lots and lots of ride and a place where you can play casinos.
Sabah, the second largest state of Malaysia next to Sarawak, is the location of the Southeast Asia's highest peak. Its rich diversity of animals, plants and culture will mostly like attract tourists both local and international.
The high mountain of Southeast Asia: must we always respect. Mount Kinabalu is not to be taken lightly, or with mere underestimating views be mentioned; nor should it be treated with verbal abused of arrogance and disrespect. For should if it be taken to be such or abused still – be...
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